Getting started

What is

What do I need to create pools and start playing with my friends?

How to Install Metamask to play with digital money?

How do I get Ether (digital money) to play?
How to play

What is a prediction pool?

How do I create a pool?

Ok, I have created a pool, now how do I tell my friends and invite them to join in?

I got an invite link from my friend to join a pool, how do i join and send my predictions?

How do I send my predictions?

How do I win the pool?

How much does the winner of the pool get?

I am the manager and I paid to create the pool, can I participate?

Can I change my predictions once I published them?

Can I see other player´s predictions?

Can a player send predictions once the World Cup (event) has started?

Can I win the pool with a high score without publishing the high score to the platform?

How do I keep up to date during the event, to see who is winning with the highest score?

Do I need to pay something if I am the highest score and want to publish to claim the prize?

Can several players win the pool, are ties allowed?

Can anyone join a pool, are pools restricted only to the people I shared my link?

What is the grace period?

What happens if I had the highest score but did not publish it and the grace period has already expired?

Can I create several pools?

When will the platform be ready?

What happens if you don't launch before the World Cup starts?

How does BitBrackets make money with the Pools?

Why did you build BitBrackets?

When is the ICO, where is your token, how can I buy tokens?

How did you solve the Oracle problem?

Is this a scam, is it legal?

I heard that Smart Contracts can be hacked, how are you making sure we don’t lose all of our money?

Why is this part “X” or this other “Y” part not decentralized, isn't this supposed to be a new dApp for the decentralized blockchain revolution?

Who is behind BitBrackets?

Did we missed something?
¡Enjoy BitBrackets!