Russia 2018


Russia 2018

Create prediction pools for your favorite sports.

For best mobile experience we recommend you play with bitbrackes using any of the following apps.

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Be a die hard soccer & Crypto fan
this 2018 World Cup

Create your own soccer pool using cryptocurrencies with your friends, pets, family, people in your office or crypto enthusiasts and start predicting who will win each match and win big. Cryptocurrencies are in and are growing, help the crypto community grow by inviting friends to play and spread the word.

& Fun

How does it work?

Create a Pool & Invite Friends

Name the pool and determine the entry amount to play in the pool. If you don´t have a crypto wallet learn here.

The more participants, the bigger the prize. The pool is secured by a Smart Contract.

Enter predictions

Will Costa Rica win against Brazil? This predictions will be saved in the Blockchain. You must enter your predictions before the event starts.

Are you winning?

If you are winning, and there’s no chance someone can beat you, publish your high score to the blockchain! The smart contract will validate you are winning and record your high score, if it is true the pool might be yours. The more participants, the bigger the prize. The pool is secured by Smart Contracts.

Fake it until you... somebody can say otherwise!

When the event ends the smart contract waits for a given period (day) for someone to publish a higher score, if you have the highest score by the closing date then you are the winner! The smart contract will allow you to take the prize.


Claim the prize

The Balance of the pool goes to the winner
If you are the pool creator you will win a % fee of the pool for helping to spread crypto awareness

Play your favorite sport events with Cryptocurrency